How Google Abuses You.

The cost of Google advertising is like the cost of an overnight stay in the hospital, U of I tuition, and your corner cup of only goes up.  Here's how to fight back.


Why Nobody Likes You.

Learn how to "brainwash" people looking for your business into liking you -- before they even talk to you.  Click, learn & earn.


Uhhmm...That Is Not Ok!

(Ahh millenials, gotta love 'em.)  "You're not using video in your marketing in 2019?!!  That is NOT OK!"  Here's why.


What We Do

We focus on collecting and analyzing data, increasing conversions, and optimizing our client’s return on investment. A holistic approach is the only way we do business.



At Lumengen we are a market leader in pay per call marketing, giving our customers to the best possible return on investment for their advertising spend.


Search engine optimization, and ranking in Google Maps will always be a part of a balanced marketing plan, as any company ranking at the top can tell you.


Having a gorgeous website and spending thousands of paid ads and SEO just doesn’t work anymore unless you have a 5 star reputation online.
Reputation Marketing

Without a 5 star review presence on Google and other channels your business just won’t grow like you want. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO will always be a piece of the puzzle because all of your customers are on the search engines.

Pay Per Call

No form of advertising gets as much bang for your buck as pay per call, the ROI is massive.

Video Production

Video has become more affordable and is a great medium to market and increase conversions. 

Content Strategy

Creating great content and pushing it out to social media as well as Google pulls in business. 

Business Consulting

We realize that if we make you lots of money, it comes back to us; we’re educators first. 

Lead Generations Funnels

If your business isn’t using funnels on auto pilot yet you’re missing out on huge business growth.

Web Design

Web design in a vacuum is an expensive business card, the magic works with integrative marketing. 

Members of our team are highly trained in so many areas of digital marketing, one area of expertise is in working with Google as a partner. We are fully versed in Google Ads as well As Google Analytics.

Work with a company that understands working within industry standards and getting the most out of your budget. The combined marketing knowledge of the company is measured in decades across our team.

Our Reviews

Check out what some of our past customers are saying about our business, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

The Big Picture

Integrative internet marketing is the only way to dominate your niche, every part works together and the sum is greater than the parts.

Promo Video

  • Want a free promo video for your business (within 2 years almost all online ads will be video)?
  • Or, free Custom Banner Ads (how to trounce Google at their own game)?
  • How about, a custom audit of your current Digital Advertising Strategy (find out why 'it's not working')?